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Windows 7/8: a wide range of touch screen devices

Touch technology applies to every category of hardware. Touch technology is our specialty: we develop "multi-touch" software that runs on any Windows 7/8 device such as touch screens, laptops, tablet PCs, touch screen walls, Windows® Phone 7 cell phones, and even the web, thanks to Silverlight's touch capabilities!

Now your customers can discover your products and services with just a touch of the finger, find their way around a virtual map or consult videos, information pages or photographs. With AFTER-MOUSE.COM, anything is possible:
"the only limit is our imagination!".

Discover the wide range of available touch screen devices

Make your products or news more accessible by offering the most innovative touch screen service available today! Much more functional than a conventional flat screen, this innovative interface will help you to strengthen your brand image, increase your number of customer visits or facilitate internal communications, whatever your requirements.

With Windows 7/8, Microsoft was the first company to adopt the multi-touch technology. By incorporating this technology, Windows 7/8 offers a world of new possibilities.

Motion recognition with Kinect™ and Asus® Xtion Pro

AFTER-MOUSE.COM also develops applications for the motion recognition technology, using Kinect™ and ASUS® Xtion PRO sensors. These can be implemented on any Windows 7/8 device without built-in touch screen support including screens, projectors, PCs, video display walls, etc.

Discover our custom-made developments